To register Boiler/Economizer.

Inspection and Examination of  Boiler/ Economizer for Renewal of Certificate.  

To investigate Boiler accidents.  

To Search unregistered & uncertified Boilers  

To give advise to owner of Boilers regarding maintenance and safe working of Boilers.  

To see the Boilers are Working According to Act, Rules & Regulations.  

To Inspect Stage wise the Boilers & It's parts During their Manufacturing Process.  

To give approval of workshop, Boiler repairer & Piping  and boiler repairing agency  

To Certify welders certificates under IBR-1950  

Approval of Drawings, Designs, Materials and Reports for Construction of Boilers and It's Parts thereof.  

To Conduct Examination for Boiler Operation Engineers and Boiler Attendants.